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If You Really Wanna Rip Up Your Mind...

I just got back from Kaeli's birthday party which I thought would be a total waste of a Sunday afternoon, but it wasn't.

Karen was there. Karen from when I was little. Karen who I used to play robots with, with whom we'd drive my cousin Stacy crazy, with whom I'd shout, "I am a robot. I eat batteries and chocolate morsels." She said that I could be a model. She's way too sweet. She said this after she saw some rave pics I got developed, but she wasn't wearing her glasses. I love Karen. One day we're going to do something cool together.

She wants to hang out sometime, and if I get that job at In-N-Out, we're all going to lunch there.

(On the way home we listened to this really sexy song by the Rolling Stones. It was delicious.)

And now I am going to go do my Christmas shopping.

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