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Deeper Into My World

This is dedicated to Lauren. I bet she forgot about this, too.


"Chest Hair"

It's curly sometimes
You have to brush it
And it smells like a lucky dog
You mean a lucky dog's fart!!
Oh yeah!
We have to talk about our band.

--Sally Stirrups and Judy Mayfair of the Little Mini Hookers

Damn I miss my bathroom, and my old house. Stupid sentimental me. Everyone used to come over and write on my walls and leave dry-erase messages on my mirror. It was the best place ever. So much good stuff, so many memories, and all the photographs I took rotting away with age somewhere in a tin Yuban can that was sworn not to be lost when we moved. Maybe later today I'll go search the garage for it. That would be cool.

And I need to work on my vocabulary. It totally sucks.

Oh my god! Mr. Yuban! That's so funny. Chris Coffee was SO fine, only that wasn't his real name.. I used to know it... he's the blonde guy from the Chemical Brothers... what the hell was his name... ed... tom...? Damn. I forgot again. To me he will always be Mr. Yuban. I love that guy.
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