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Fillings of Scarecrows

Tonight I feel good. I cleaned my room and it is now a happy sparkly place where I can relax and feel at peace. Another good thing is that all week this week the Powerpuff Girls are on for two hours a night, which is a good thing to watch before one goes to bed. Buttercup is the best one, and I can't believe anyone thinks differently.

On a bad note, I did my hair so that I won't have to do it crappy in the morning, but right now it needs a rest period. I haven't blow-dried it directly for like a month, so it's all straw-feeling, and I don't have any nice hairspray (the green kind that makes your hair all nice and shiny, even after you jack it up) so I have to sleep on it in order for it to be all right. It's in critical condition, heh heh. I thought about putting some colour on it, that would certainly improve its condition... but then I realised I don't have the colour I really want here at the house... street cone orange. I would love that dearly. I am so sick of pink that I could gag. And my roots are so long that when I pull my hair back it looks like I stuck a pink ponytail on top of a little blond bun. I don't know what I should do. I've had enough willpower to let them grow out this much, but I haven't done anything cool to my hair since April 7th. That's way too long of a time, and I yearn to be orange. I also yearn to cut it, because that's what it needs, the ends are horrific, but then I would have no hope of even shoulder length hair for damn senior portraits. If this keeps up, I think I'm going to go in search of a nice wig to wear to take them. Wigs are good.

Pink dogs are also good. So are 6-foot praying mantises named Zorak. Ah yes, goodness. I'm out though. I am a tired girl and I want to enjoy the Powerpuffs and my dear Courage before bed.

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