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Translation Of "Top Gear!"

Firstly, I would like to say that today is the one year anniversary of the coolest secret agent and I being livejournal friends. Rock.

Last night, as I'm sure some of you saw, I had a bit of fun with the sauce.

"I wanted to post a long time ago, but Stefan was here and I felt weird doing it in front of him. But now I feel like I might be tired or maybe I have to go pee, and I know I feel hungry, but I am not going to eat anything. Because I plan to fall asleep soon. You are not supposed to eat late at night because all it does is turn into cellulite.

I wanted to sleep tonight so I went downstairs and I got in the fridge because I knew there was some Mike's Hard Lemonade [in] there, and usually, when I drink, if there is nothing to do and no one is around to watch, I go to sleep because I can't help myself. I get tired if I am drunk and no one is around for me to entertain or to entertain me. I thought about taking some old meds I have to go to sleep with, but then I thought that I don't want to be on meds, and also, alcohol and mood drugs don't go well together, and by no means am I in a suicidal state tonight.

I mean, I am watching Tom and Jerry and being docile about it because I am in such high spirits. But I hate Tom and Jerry, but at least I am not being violent. I would rather be watching the Addams family but I am afraid that if I try to walk anywhere I will pee. I can't feel my body too much.

I know what you must be thinking: this girl sucks SO much! She is sort of drunk from one Mike's. It wasn't just the Mike's. I had orange juice! So I was like, yes, I have orange juice and [vodka] so I should drink it because it mixes well. So I took the [remaining?] vodka and I made a drink. I made drinks with the Mike's [and the orange juice] because it tastes like caca by itself. I think I am like a [truffle pig?] I can taste the alcohol like they can sense shit and [dig it up] from the ground. And there was a Smirnoff Ice in my [dresser] drawer from a long time ago. Is Bailey's acoholic?

I hate the [Flintstone's?] too! [Old?] Hanna Barbera can kiss my ass. I have to go to the bathroom but I am afraid to walk there because I don't know how much I have to pee. Probably a lot. I drank a lot of soft drinks tonight and I saw Mya's friend in the mall at GNC. [That girl] wears all black and thinks she is the most depressed girl ever because she had some stupid dream when she was 12. What is [wearing all black] supposed to do for you? She is so stupid! I don't like her at all. Even her friends think she is stupid because she [always] tries to make everything seem like it is smaller than what her problems are.

I also have to apologise to monsterparty, because I wasn't able to mail her Rasputina album today because the post office is [a bastard?]. They close way [too fucking] early! But I am in possession of your treasure, ok? I will do it when I have stamps and bubble wrap tomorrow so it gets to your house in one piece.

Then I accidentally turned the CAPS LOCK on.

I also HAVE TO TELL RAE THAT I GOT HER PACKAGE AND [IT] made me so happy. FUCK CAPS LOCK! Even though it looked like I used [it] just now. But Rae, I got your package and the glasses [make?] me feel like a sexy librarian.

I saw Stephanie Carr today and she was with her boyfriend who lost a lot of weight and she had her nose pierced.

Fred Flintstone is ugly and Wilma could do [something?] better. Fuck this shit. I haven't posted in four days and now it's not even good and I still have to pee. I know I am probably gonna be so mad in the morning about this 'cos I can talk perfectly when I am drunk, but I can't spell (write) for shit, especially since I have to look at the keys when I type, because I can't feel my body (fingers!)

If I was on the phone with you, this would be [perfect?].


current mood: I like my new icons so fuck you.
current music: Duran Duran - None Of The Above ha ha not everyone can see this it is locked! hahaha

Tonight I went to Denny's with Heather and Dan and Stefan. I will elaborate in the morning, right now I am too weighed down by Denny's MSG to keep my eyes open. But let me tell you this much: it was great.

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