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Hay Day May Day Oh My God It's Pay Day.

So today was uneventful to the maximum. A friend went out on a date, another ignored me completely, another who I hadn't spoken to in ages finally got in touch. (Yay me)

I think I'm swearing off Sex and the City. That show makes me depressed. It's too real. I think that's why I so love cartoons and that's why they make me happy. Because they are the anti-me.

On another note... I was sad anyways, not because of that show, and I did something "bad" that I hadn't done in 7 months. What is sobriety? Who invented it? Who's to say what's a healthy addiction versus a destructive one? (And by the way, it wasn't drugs. People can be addicted to things like eating lolli-pops or touching other peoples' feet.)

So yeah.

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