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Learning Is A Mixed Blessing.

I learned how to work the digital camera.

That is Eli Whitney, the frightened cat from Hell. I think he's mentally ill because his eyes are always huge.

I also went to the mall and was offered a job at a kiosk called, "Candle In The Wind" that sells... guess what? Candles! Wouldn't you know it? You should hear how I say "Candle In The Wind". It is the most fun thing to say ever.

Where do you work?

*in a low, breathy, dreamy voice* Candle in the Wind.

Hours of fun, I swear.

Also, the guy from Cold Stone called me at 4 pm, after like a month or so of having my application. I was actually thinking about calling them and saying, "Hey, what the fuck?" (maybe not in that many words) the other day, but laziness got the better of me and I went to sleep instead.

I would love to work there (JOB!), but there is one small hitch.

Look Mommy! I'm a Malfoy! This was me at approximately 12.00 pm today.

Can you guess what I'm doing?

Look Mommy! Instead of a Malfoy I am now the female equivalent of Robert Smith!

Robert Smith-Malfoy is GOTH!

The guy asked me to come in at four for the interview. I said, "Yeeeah..." I told him I didn't expect to hear back from them, and I had just finished dying my hair.

"What colour?" He asked wearily.

"Purple and orange" I told him.

"Wear a hat," he said.

Ohmigod! I like totally love my Skechers. Isn't my hair like totally tubular?

No, I like it. The orange glows in the blacklight like a muthafucka, while the purple only glows subtly.

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