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Good Morning.

Today has been good. The only thing bad that has happened thus far is that I have misplaced my remote control and I can't turn my TV on without it because it is very old and none of the buttons work anymore. That is TRUE dependency. I talked to Lindsay the movie star until three yesterday morning so I slept for a long, long time. Space Ghost is on tonight and I am stoked. I think I'm going to go check and see the episodes going on. Care to come with?

Well, it seems as though I'm in luck. I don't have that episode on tape and my collection will be helped along tonight. I can't believe they stopped making SGC2C in 1999. That's like blasphemy or something. Bah. I'm done. It's been a lazy Sunday. Perhaps I can talk my mother into loaning me some money to buy from lovely Domino's because I am broke as a joke but hungry as a ... mungry. I don't know. The lack of food is causing massive brain shut down.

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