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It's So Good That It Gives You The Chills

I used to love Easter... the fizzy dye, the weird designs, sometimes the god-awful colours. The great candy that you can't get any other time of year. my family was never really big on the religious implications of the holiday.

I used to have fun trying to beat the shit out of my brother to get to the eggs first, because I would always see them first, but he was quicker. He'd follow my line of sight and rush to that spot before I could move. I would scream at him and scratch and hit and pull hair.

I would get especially pissed off if it was one of the eggs that I had happened to dye. I was a terror as a child.

However, I still have fond memories of this holiday. I like to pretend that the tumour they tell me is my brother does not exist.

This year is different. Things have been so strange that I wouldn't even know that it was Easter if it weren't for the fact that I am expected to be home tomorrow and ultimately sleep here tonight.

I was stuck in traffic and things were miserable until I started screaming. People with their windows down cast strange glances my way. Some even stuck their arms out their windows and made the same motions with their arms that I was making with mine.

The only ones who stuck their arms out and rocked with me were Asians. It certainly passed the time.

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