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Oh my god. I love Martinez. I am going to go there and be homeless because I would always be happy as long as I could stay there. I love it so much, it's so beautiful. More beautiful than a lot of places I've ever been. So beautiful that it can brings tears to one's eyes. And they have this absolutely fantastic laundromat there. I so adore laundromats. If ever I went on a perfect first date, it would be doing laundry all night long with a charming funny boy who liked laundromats and talking. After our clothes were clean, we wouldn't fold them, we would shove them in a big bag and then go fall asleep somewhere like a beach or a park bench or something, happy. Then we would get up and find a bathroom and make use of our clean clothes.

*dies and goes to heaven*

And I know some of you who are reading this are thinking... "Ummm, ok. It's Martinez. You're dumb."

Everyone has their place.
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