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Hello Baby!

In the words of one Jessica Stoner: "Kitty!!"

So I dropped off the Santa Cruz pictures and they're being developed. Yay. I need a scanner really bad though. KITTY!

So I have more names for my little black male cat that I'm thinking of. I need to write them down along with the others so that I can make an educated decision.

1) Blue
2) La Douleur Exquise
3) Zero
4) Noir
5) Pohi
6) Tobin
7) Robert Post
8) Kevin
9) Zorak
10) Mr. E Leon Rauis ("e" for short)
11) Captain Hook and last but not least
12) Thirteen

So now all I have to do is choose. How great will that be. Or maybe I'll call him by all of those names and see which one he responds the best to. I got my pictures back from Santa Cruz and my roots are so bad and so long! It's horrible!they're cute pictures anyway though. Love.
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