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It's August 19th!

Today is the birthday of the love of my life, Rae. Redrae, Rae from Jersey, Rae Flambe, X-Raeted RAE!!

Rae is cool because

-she loves animals
-she is not fearful and creepy like most girls
-she is pierced and tattooed
-she has coloured hair
-she has long nails
-she defends her car to the death
-she hangs out in diners
-she's cute as hell
-she's really funny
-home depot
-she's really friendly
-she's really thoughtful
-she makes really good computer art:

-she doesn't take any shit
-she is clever and street-wise
-she writes awesome letters
-she starts

new paragraphs wherever she wants!!
-she has all kinds of fun stories to tell
-she's doing something with her life
-she likes everclear and the smashing pumpkins
-she is very observant
-she's seen a nun on a bike

The list goes on and on. She is wonderful!

RAE! I hope you have a wonderful, glorious, magical happy birthday. You deserve nothing less <3

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