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Sexual Intellectuals

rwaNickTheFish: why were you in jersey?
rwaNickTheFish: and why do i need one?
rwaNickTheFish: i never had anything exciting to put in it
rwaNickTheFish: and besides don't you need a friend code thingie
VasoFever: one of your entries is in my memories, dick
rwaNickTheFish: lol what was it?
VasoFever: and no, they disabled that
rwaNickTheFish: oh ok
rwaNickTheFish: so why were you in jersey though?
rwaNickTheFish: and so you like it more than ca?
VasoFever: I was in Jersey cos this wonderful girl decided she wanted to meet me and bought me tickets
rwaNickTheFish: you lucky bitch i hate you
rwaNickTheFish: see you're soo fuckin' cool!
rwaNickTheFish: you never believe me but like people from across the country pay for you to come see them
VasoFever: *shrug*

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