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Take My Broken Wings, Teach Me To Fly Again

Please caption this picture, and tell me what this boy is.

I went to the store tonight to pick up some cloves and a 12-pack of Coke. After I was rung up, I realised that Cokes are bloody expensive and I'd have to dig the remaining dollar and twenty-three cents out of the bottom of my purse. I put the ten on the counter and started to dig through the abyss that is a woman's purse, and the boy behind me in line laid a ten on the counter and told me to just give him the change.

Nice people are still out there. I ran out to my car and fished out a dollar and a quarter with which to pay him back, and handed it to him. He told me it was really no problem, but thanked me and told me to have a nice night. If I ever see that boy again, I will always remember that he gave me ten dollars, and I gave him two cents.

This evening at dinner, it was decided that Ian and I need to re-make Afraid Of Swords!!! in a Fran Drescher voice... I suppose I should demonstrate this, but I only have a sound recorder and no place to host it. After that, we went to Andronico's to ogle the booze. It pisses me off that the vodka is in the prettiest bottles.

I still like Peachka better than any other vodka, and it makes me feel strange that I sort of owe its discovery to Pierre, when Rae took me to Philly under the pretense that I would do him if he bought us booze.

Things are bizarre in this world of pain, this valley of tears. I regret the things I once felt justified for and examination is giving me all new reasons. I am glad to have thought ahead this far.

I am hungry.

Stolen from Rae:

Please, write a blurb/ 'testimonial' about me so I can put it in my bio.

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