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The Wisdom of Bryan

I was talking to Bryan in the wee hours of the morning last .. this morning. I don't know, it was like 3 am on Saturday morning. Last night everyone was doing drugs!

Well, I don't know about everyone but it certainly seemed that way. Everyone was acting weird and I know at least two of the people I talked to in the wee hours were on drugs. But enough about that.

So I was talking to Bryan, and I was trying to tell him this thing about the Titanic doubling as a cargo ship, and we got into this argument about whether or not it was a cargo ship, and that had nothing to do with anything.

Anyway, when I got to the part about "Where was the Titanic headed?" he started giggling like a maniac and said, "It went to the iceberg."

I don't know if I was just incredibly tired but I thought that was really funny.

I probably shouldn't be laughing.

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