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To All That's Pure...

Tonight was crazy. I got all dressed up in this red and black satin and velvet number... and then... I don't know.

Things didn't go the way I thought they would.

I watched Zim.

It reminded me of one time when I was in 9th grade. I made my boyfriend at the time jealous of a video game character. That was funny, although I probably wouldn't think it was too funny if someone did it to me. I am a big fat hypocrite. I'm sorry if it was collectible as hell and that the merchandise was everywhere, so I couldn't stop talking about it.

Oh well. I think I am gonna have some Citra and some Chicken and Stars and then I am going to watch Zim and go to bed, only to get up tomorrow and tape Zim... and then I don't know what else is going on tomorrow. I hope my dad is home. I like it better when he's here than when he is at work.

I hate living in this house with only one bathroom.

I have to call and make my senior portrait appointments and I still don't know what colour I should have my hair. A lot of people say pink because it's what I've had all through high school, bright red and copper red are also good options, black is a possibility, as long as it is noticeable that I have blue eyes. No one notices that while they're staring at bright hair, and that's (LET'S FACE IT) my only good feature.

I am getting cranky and I feel like I am going to spew. Bed. Now.

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