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Daily Tweets

  • 09:11 i am about to pee. #

This post has been brought to you by LoudTwitter**


**Look harder.

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Yeah right like I would ever have a twitter.
I don't get twitter. I think I'm getting old.
hover over the link i think you will like it
ditto. i just don't get it.
Haha the link goes to
now that i can get behind. (that's what she said?)
My roommate has watched more Office than I have and that makes me sad because I turned him on to it using Kelly Kapoor :(

And yes! We can all get behind that sort of thing. And in front of!
lol awesome!

yes, and on top of!
haven't seen the hugo icon in a while :)
Hugo is my manfriend
Oh and is it bad that I use flashing icons of him even though he is an epileptic in real life? I think that might be... ultimate wrong.

Have you ever heard the term 'financial cannibalism'? I heard it today and I LOVE IT.
Is it in a sink?
That has not happened lately but you remind me that it should.