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What kind of shit can I pawn that is actually valuable? I'm in sort of dire straits with a consumer reporting agency or some shit and they are trying to garnish my wages.

WTF? When did that happen? Oh right, when SM was only giving me 12 hours a week and I made <$250 last month.

Any ideas for pawning stuff appreciated and lucky me living so close to Vallejo, land of 1000 pawn shops.

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Jewelry is always good. Try

ACtually dont, use the pawn shops, I heard Cash4Gold is a scam!
I'm just wondering whether books/old electronics(that still work)/random jewelry would be worth the cost of hauling it over to Vallejo.

I don't have any gold, I am allergic. I want someone to actually send some tangled old necklace to cash4gold so that I can see if it actually works.