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Pick Guitar, Fill Fruit Jar

Yesterday I bought some pre-natal vitamins and my mom saw them. She was not happy.

Also, Banana Telephone Repairman.

A man that looked just like Vern Schillinger came into my work today. He was wearing a wedding ring.

Oh, me.

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Pre-natal vitamins, whatever for? Are you pregnant or possibly so? fun...
I love the use of the 'drama' icon in conjunction with someone possibly having a baby. A++
congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

or is it for something else, like hair or cramps?
i've been told their great for hair and cramps.
It's to make my hair grow faster. I have a wedding to go to and short hair sucks for formal events.
sweet! i totally sort of called it!
I wonder if that's because you expect I never use things for their actual intended purposes?
Boy or girl? Have you picked out names yet?
I'm not with child, I'm taking them for hair and nail growth.
Oh well, they'll do you well for that! also, fish oil.
Thank you!
Will it be an Elwin or a daikini? The former would be cool but you'd have some explaining to do.
'Tis for hair growth and nail growth. I am not with child.
so. you're pregnant!! congraaaats!

(sorry, just had to, after reading all the other comments)
when are you due? :D
ooo lemme know when the shower is
Girl. If I am actually ever with child, you are getting an invitation to EVERY THING.
I told Karen I needed her prenatal vitamins because I had to cut off all my nails like a boy.
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