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Guess what I did tonight?

If you said, "Saw The Fast and the Furious", you are correct. Yes. I saw my favourite car movie for the third time tonight at 7.50. That was very yummy. And guess who was in it driving a white Jetta? CHAD LINDBERG.

Other than that nothing really has been going on.

I found out that Travis has been listening to all the tapes I made him for the past week and that he is really sad and that he misses me a lot.

I also found out that a lot of people think we are still together.

I also found out that "Owimoweh" backwards is "Hewomiwo". That is fun to say. Say it. Say it now.

I slept 12 hours solid today and it was really scary that I didn't wake up, not once-- but I kept thinking it was noon and I needed to get up. I bet I missed something that was really interesting at noon, too.

I feel weird. I love Invader Zim. That show rocks my socks.

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