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It's All About Posting For The Sake Of A New Icon...

And to say a few things.

She enlightened me to the fact that Bjork was on SGC2C for its premiere on Adult Swim and tonight it was a re-run so I was prepared.

I HAD to get rid of that whore icon. It bothered me like you wouldn't believe. I liked it at first and now it just pains me!!

Eli is clawing the shit out of me because he decided that it's time to play even though Stefan and I played with him extensively this morning. Cats are so particular.

I wrote a poem and after I was done reading it, it reminded me of Lindsay, Lauren and myself when we were in 8th grade. If anyone cares, I posted it in Mad Ravings.

Stefan's mom thinks that my parents are going to kill him, but really they are none the wiser. They should be happy that I stayed with him and that I wasn't on the street. Except really I was supposed to stay with Lindsay. Poor Lindsay, she is already struggling with homework. I wish I could invent a work robot for her so that she wouldn't have to slave over her work, but could still be a good student.

And I wish I had a lot of money to pay for gas so that we could drive wherever we pleased.

I need my license.

I'm dropping my sixth period class, so I really need it, and I want to get a job. I want my CD's out of the car... but it's too late to get them.

Fuck, this is turning into a bitching entry. I thought I had something important to say, but I didn't.

I love U-Haul trucks, I love laundromats, I love bowling alleys, I love roller-skating rinks, I love all this stuff for a reason which I do not know. Certain things just stir this feeling inside of me and I don't know. I think it has a lot to do with a past life.

Aaron just asked me what is up with Stefan because he hasn't seen him in days. He asked me what was up with me and him. I didn't respond. Just like today when Stefan's mom asked him how old I was. He didn't respond.

I feel so devilish and in love.

*Le Sigh*

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