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When The World Is Square, And Your Tires Are Flat...

I found my camera when I woke up this morning and took a photograph of Eli who is sprawled out in the bathroom, sleeping in the sun.

Today feels unusually good. Maybe it's my lucky day. I love it.

I am a procrastinator of the highest order.

I got an e-mail from Stefan. Hooray for me.

I talked to Travis. He told me I was a bitch, a piece of crap, a moron... blah blah blah, all this bad stuff... and that I was breaking his heart and I did it over and over again.

I kinda felt like Carrie when Aidan yelled "You broke my heart!!" at her, only I don't wanna get back together with him.

I don't have much to post right now and I am hungry so I am gonna go get food and maybe when I post again I will tell a tale of how I saw a movie with the wonderful boy.

(That's the supposed plan for this evening.)

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