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Four Years For This?

I am going on the senior picnic today.

All the senior stuff I was so excited to be a part of now seems like just another big popularity contest. If only I were going on the trip with a few of my close friends and then a bunch of strangers. Everyone in the horrible little town I go to school in is quite fond of the judgment of one another.

Katie L. is supposed to pick me up in a few minutes. I hope she didn't forget. My mom took my car to skool this morning. I have no idea why. And then my cunt brother fucked with the radio. No wonder it's never where I want it.

I have blue and gold stars on my face in a weird show of school spirit. I should go wait for Katie by the door. She has a timid knock....

Aaawwww yeah-- the girl just called me to say she was on her way. I am happy that I have not been forgotten.

Hooray for being remembered.

Did I tell you Stefan gave me a little @'s and dashes rose? That still makes me excited.

No glitter, that's bad.

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