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It's Time To Move Over

So I missed Friday as well. I bet Jessica is pissed at me because she was making me a Senior Girls' crown and picking up my shirt (with the name POLLYSTAR written proudly across the back-- I couldn't necessarily fit pollytrance) and Toni was going to give me this watch that she bought for me... a Powerpuff Girls one... hooray. I haven't gotten Powerpuff merch forever.

Zim was a re-run tonight. I got fifty blank CD's for mix-making pleasure. I am down by one, I made Stefan a Portishead mix because the poor boy has none. He is so deprived. Lindsay is off in Grass Valley/Sacramento visiting with her boy toy and I hope they are having fun and that they found some Zim episodes online.

I have a permanent DIB bracelet of Sharpie on my wrist again and I am content. I want to eat Ramen noodles. I haven't partaken of Ramen-y goodness for a long time now and I am due.

I am going to clean my room tomorrow, I swear. Stefan and I hung out tonight and watched Zim, and the Ref, and other generic cartoons. I sprayed him with glitter and he told me I had beautiful eyes.

My sunburn still hurts like a son of a bitch and I think I will have to spend another night topless just to escape the torments of cotton and irritating bra-strap-ness.

I think that "sordid" is one of the best words in the universe. I want to make a love CD, one with good songs. Songs like "Perfect" and "Out Of My Mind" . I didn't put "Automatic Flowers" on the jukebox in my computer and I wonder why. That's a fucking GREATsong. I still haven't found my Tom Cochrane CD.

Jeremy Irons is sexy.

Stefan is only skin and bone. He's taking out his braids this weekend, which means I am faced with the task of dying it back to purple. He says he will probably call me tomorrow and I hope it won't be till later, like around 8 or something.

"When do you have to be home?" he asked me at 1.44 am.
"Two," I replied, holding up two fingers.
"What's that I hear? Never?"

He's so cute. I like being able to smile and act like an idiot.

Skinny boys are where it will always be at.

Stream of the past: 4.30 am: Labour Day, Chevron gas station, tired Katie, Jessica banging her head on my car horn, Lindsay scared, green Nissan, half a bottle of liquor, two Chicago ravers, a scary-faced driver, me freaking out because my zipper wouldn't zip, four dead glow-sticks, a bunch of rave flyers, Rasputina on the car stereo, beer kisses, Tommy Tsunami.

Really his name was Charlie. Sorry if I am not making much sense. I am hungry and tired but won't be able to sleep unless I find a movie to pop on, so off I go.

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