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I 'Av A Bak Yard On Miyad...

LOL. That was a line from an old game of Palindrome that I found of me and Lindsay's from days ago.

What it really means is "I have a backyard on my head."

It was a reference to Stefan and his hair. Tee Hee.

Anyway... I need to post something that you will all kill me later for posting.

He asked me how long I had had his CD's... I looked to past LJ entries to figure it out.

VasoFever: hold on
VasoFever: I am looking
VasoFever: yes
VasoFever: August 22nd is when you gave me the discs
Stefan: how you know fo sho
VasoFever: it's documented :P
VasoFever: purple is GOOD
Stefan: oh yeah document this
VasoFever: document what exactly??
Stefan: @---------}----------}-------
Stefan: that's what

What a sweet BOY. I love him. Yes I do.

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