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I was Gaz for Halloween. I went to buy film, and I guess I left it at the store, because it's nowhere to be found.

So I guess I will have to depend on Lindsay's and my mom's cameras for evidence of this.


Stefan was supposed to have been Professor Membrane, but he couldn't find a lab coat. So what did he do? He left a bizarre message on my machine saying, "Gaz! This is your father! You need to call me back.... because it's Halloween..." or something along those lines. Very entertaining indeed.

And I got Chinese food. And it was a full moon. And dressing like Gaz was fun and reminded me a lot of eighth grade...

but now I have these stupid floppity bangs to deal with until it grows out long enough to go behind my ears. Some people look good with bangs... I don't. They're stupid and floppity and ... well, at least they're purple.

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