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We Rage From Katharine...

I hate the fact that there is a watch alarm going off. I hate that my brother is a brutish fucker that always gets his way. I hate that in order to get anything really cool these days you have to have a credit card and get it online. I hate that I have a bunch of independent study crap due tomorrow. I hate that my parents play favourites. I hate that every time something starts to go good in my life, the rest of it falls spectacularly to pieces.

I love that I have friends that are good to me, and they number more than I can count on my fingers. I love that there is a really nice boy in my life who doesn't do mental damage to me like stupid Travis used to. I love that I have 8 hours worth of Space Ghost on tape. I love that this is my last year of the dread high school.

There are a lot of good books in my room but I am missing out on them.

Love it, be it.

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