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The Sick Of Moltar

I am getting sick. I don't know how. My glands are swollen, my head aches, I am constantly tired.

Maybe I caught it from Moltar. Or Donny Osmond!!

There are so many thoughts swishing about in this pea-brain of mine that my head might explode.

It's like I can't handle being happy or something going right, so I have to find ways to fuck myself over and prolong the misery, the doubt, all of those nasty little things that somehow seem to keep me going.

And I think I have.

Because I still think Stefan doesn't like me.

Commence shooting me right after the elaborate hoax that Rebecca and I intend to pull off.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Lindsay!! You're 18, and since you won't be at skool tomorrow, I decided to give you a greeting on here. I hope you read it! And I hope you buy something pornographic. Because you can.

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