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Mr. Potter

Guess what?? Mike and Mya are in town. I helped Mya make a livejournal and now you can all drool over all of its glory.

At ten-twenty we are all going to see Harry Potter, of which Mike bought me a Snape action figure *drool* and a Harry/Hedwig action figure, and the Harry Potter poster. It is delicious. Mya bought me some neon bead like the old days, some really good cookies, and medicated blue chapstick [THAT TINGLES!!!]. I got her a glam kit and am taking Mike shopping because, as a pair, we weren't creative enough to decide what to get him.

I am so excited that Mya made a journal, so you must all go say hello and welcome her and add her to your friends list because she rules, man. She's hilarious. FREE ABORTIONS!!

I suppose that's it. I'm going to go enjoy Mr. Potter now.

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