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Spanish Guitar

Mya, Mike, Stefan, Chad and myself went to see Mr. Potter last night. Mya is now quite obsessed with it, and afterwards we went and bought some every flavour beans.

Today I went to the mall and bought a every-day Harry Potter calendar and have already uncovered two delicious pictures of Snape and two of Oliver Wood, who seems to be another favourite among the young women.

What area code is 412?

We then went to Andy's and then got home around 4 am, at which time I was freaking out because I hadn't talked to Lauren all night. Luckily, she had spent the night at Lindsey Hinton's and was ok, except for that something was wrong with her knee.

And then today was spent driving A LOT and making very good use of my car stereo, which is now operational. Hooray!

That's about it.

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