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Running On Zero

I got three hours of sleep last night and I don't know how I am gonna stay awake for any sort of festivities. I'm not going to Planet New Year, and that is sad. I haven't talked to Lauren since yesterday, and that worries me. My room is still a horrible mess even though we vowed we'd take care of it. I need to make the beds. I still need to hang the tapestry. My fairy's wing broke again. I am irritated and will probably be a bitchy hostess. Every year I wish for the same thing: a happy new year's eve. I can't remember the last time I had one.

Goddamn it. I hate it when I am not prepared, and I have never been further from said state of satisfactory preparation in my life.

My inflatable chair keeps deflating and I can't find the hole in it, but it is probably due to my completely spoiled and unruly cat who has ruined many of my possessions but whom I have no heart to punish. It is one of the most disgusting feelings in the world, to be wearing shoes with no socks. I have to go find some socks before I go mad.


All right, I have found some socks and I feel much better now. I am wearing sexy underwear. It's silver on the outside with hot purple camouflage print on the inside and two straps instead of one. That's one of the only things that makes me comfortable. I am going to be a ragged hostess, but alas, as the night progresses I will probably do more and more to improve my state, and perhaps when the clock chimes twelve I will be happy and ready to embrace the new year. I still haven't thought of a resolution.

Maybe it should be something like, being more open with my feelings or speaking my mind, or changing my standards.

Last night at around three am, I left Mya's house because I was still very much awake and traveled to Stefan's house. We stayed up talking until six thirty am, and then we fell asleep. It is always so hot in his room! I woke up with my hair like plastered to my forehead and I was late going to Mya's house.

We had breakfast at Fresh Choice, and I love the soup there. Fettucine Chicken Noodle. The noodles are all big and fat and wonderful. Pasta is good for myself.

Anyways, kids, HAPPY NEW YEAR. [I'm so glad that's not a religious holiday]

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