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Girls Go To The Gap

You are Sailor Mercury!
You are very smart, and you're good with
computers. You're sweet, and soft-spoken
and you have a very good heart.
You're not the most powerful, but you're the
brains of the operation.
You fight with the element of water!

Take the Which Sailor Are You? Quiz!

...created by Kenzie

All right. But I'm NOT good with computers. Weird day. I got up and drove down to the Wherehouse where I used one of my gift certificates to buy that wonderful car movie The Fast And The Furious that came out today.

Chad Lindberg, man.

And then I went to Jessica's, where we watched that and Moulin Rouge and decided that tomorrow we are going to pay a visit to Mr. Potter and do some hair-dying. Clark wants me to dye his hair too.

Stefan called to say he was taking Lauren to the airport and wanted to know if I wanted to "tag-along" but alas I was too late.

I saw Mr. Potter for the fifth time yesterday and took my handheld tape recorder and got the delectable bit of dialogue where Snape says, "Mr. Potter.. clearly fame isn't everything, is it?" All quiet and creepy like.

And I also told Stefan about J, which kind of scares me.

I feel like I am going to faint. Lauren got bronchitis before she left. It was bad. I can't tell who got sick first, but I am sick as well, so I hope I don't get too bad.

Oh yeah, and I applied for a job at the Wherehouse.

The guy told me the hiring manager will be there on Friday. I would be soooo happy to get a job at the Wherehouse. Music is my life. They sell DVD's too.

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