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A Joke?

Ok, I heard this joke in fourth grade and it stuck with me since then. It will probably stick with you too. It's about cops.

The police force was short staffed during the winter time in Los Angeles. It was cold there and no one wanted to go out looking for recruits. So Officer Joe called his friend Dan who was looking for work and hired him. Dan came in the first day with no idea how a real policeman should act, so he brought hot chocolates and donut holes for all of the cops that were working. Immediately after Dan came into the room all the cops except Officer Joe started to snicker, and Officer Ted said, "Everybody knows cops eat donuts and drink coffee, not hot chocolate and donut holes." Dan felt sad, so Officer Joe said.. "Don't make fun of him. He's my friend."

I don't know why, but that joke still makes me laugh really hard, even now.

Thank-you Christina. Yes, that was your joke.
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