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Just Another Birthday From hell

So my birthday is at its close. It's really sad. I haven't had a good one for ... ever.

So yeah, I was trying to be cheery in hopes that it would perhaps make the day better. It didn't work. I did go out to a nice dinner and got another Powerpuff Girls comforter (now I have one for each bed!) but this was no thanks to my parents, one of whom forgot it was my birthday today, for the second year in a row.

I asked my mom if she would take me out to dinner. "Not tonight. I'm too busy" Ok, so I'm thinking, it's my birthday, she must be busy with something pretty important. I go over to see what she's doing. She's writing my idiotic brother's book report for him.

What I wouldn't give to be an only child.

I know this sounds horribly selfish and spoiled and all that crap, but I think it's unfair that I have to spend every single motherfucking birthday crying my eyes out. I think it's unjust that people go out of their way to be mean to me on the day that I should at least get a break. Birthdays only come once a year... and every time they do someone fucks it up. Bastards. This morning I didn't do anything wrong and my mom got pissed off at me in the car and started speeding all over the place and almost ripped my arm off when she drove away from the school. I didn't even SAY anything to her, she just got mad. She's such a fucking schizo.

It's not fair. I try to be a good person. Why can't I just have one fucking happy day? And I don't mean I don't have happy days, I just mean that I don't have happy birthdays, and that sucks big time for me.

It's not about parties or presents. It's about please be nice to me so that I can go one day without feeling like I have every reason to kill myself.

Oh well. I'm gonna go watch Space Ghost reruns and maybe call someone who will boost my morale, cos at the moment I'm too upset to write about what else went on that made this just another birthday from hell.
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