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Seventeen Entries In One Day...

That's not bad.

But I bet all of you who have me listed as friends are really pissed off. Don't worry, I won't pull another stunt like this until next year, I swear.

I wouldn't want to lose any of you. You witty, loving, raw, funny, maternal, spirited, intriguing, silly, sweet, responsible, delicious, fascinating, new and improved, adorable, attentive, young, intoxicating, fun, cryptic, fabulous, culturally diverse, long-haired, optimistic, smart as hell, lovely, god-like, insightful, grown-up, lady-like, deliriously good-humoured, exciting, magical, and mysterious people you.

I'll make a bet that you can't find a link to yourself. Each word is individually linked to someone on my friends page. I dare you to find yourself. And then criticise me for the word I used to describe you. I chose a special word for each and every one of you.

That's all.

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