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They Called Me Square!!

You are Professor Utonium

You are a non-evil supergenius, more precisely a mad scientist. Very scientific, and very mad. You also look very strange. You don't like fighting, yet you still create advanced weapons of mass destruction. Any irony here? No, of course not...
Take the What Powerpuff Girls Character Are You? quiz at Fire For Ice!
Quiz by fire4ice

This pleases me.

I cut and layered Jessica's hair today and dyed it. We didn't see Harry Potter because her mom won't let her ride with me (stupid CA six-month law!).

Hopefully we're seeing it tomorrow, but I don't know how because I spent all my money today. But that's ok. If I don't get called by the hiring manager tomorrow (when he or she is supposed to be in) then I am going to start charging for the hair stuff I do.

Not a lot, of course. But some. Ten or twelve bucks a job, to cover dye and gas. I've got all the other stuff taken care of.

Plus it will be good practice for later on in life, where I plan to be a cosmetologist/hairdresser and maybe do a bit of writing on the side... or maybe not, I still think my writing is a pile of crap. I'm going to go finish the book that Lindsay gave me for Christmas and wait for something exciting to happen.

Mike said some things about me that don't please me.

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