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All right, something is really bugging me here. I go to the Rasputina official site and I can't find the lyrics to the song Trust All-Stars, and that makes me mad. There is a part of it that is in German, and I only speak ein bisschen Deutsch, and Melora is going too fast for me to understand. I got something about there being a young friend and some other stuff that I can't remember right now because it was like an hour ago.

Anyway. I need to go get my birth control pills and take my black cherry cola out of the fridge. Yesterday I purchased the Depeche Mode album and I went to listen to it and the singles that I bought it for weren't even half as good as I remember, but that's ok, because tonight I'm going to make up for it.

It's Wednesday: Chinese Food Night. No, that's not how I'm going to make up for the bad Depeche Mode album, I just thought I would remind everyone. I am a creature of habit big time. Dr. P. blames it on my obsessive compulsive disorder, but... I think I just hate change and I'm with all the Lo-PHI when I say: FIGHT THE FUTURE.

How come the mini M&M's are so much better than the regular ones? Whenever I eat the regular ones it feels like my teeth are going to crack and fall out. They're so hard. If you're gonna eat the regular ones, you really need to carry them around in your pocket for like half-an-hour before-hand so they're kinda melty.

I'm so excited! My good friend Lauren (the one who told me about the beautiful moon on the warm night, for all of you who are confused) just created a livejournal.

Tonight I'm getting my Santa Cruz pictures back and that means I'm going to scan them and put a few up for all to see the sexiest day of my life, and the lives of four others. An extensive site will most likely be created later because we have decided that the SWA* needs an official page, and, let's face it, Santa Cruz was a SWA* event. The two remaining member were present. There's a band called SWA. They're not really all that good, I just thought it was funny that we found their CD at Rasputin's for $1.50 and we weren't even looking. In actuality we were looking for Ben Lee, Claire Danes' boyfriend's CD. (I don't know if he's still her boyfriend... that was freshman year.. heh).

Speaking of board shorts, I really want to get the Roxy ones I saw when I was in LA. They were short and yellow with a rainbow across them. I don't care what the modern rainbow signifies, I still want them. I don't care if everyone in the world thinks I'm not straight. Holograms are also good. Silver pants, black tube tops, red velvet prom dresses. OOH! I got my prom pictures back and I need to scan one of those too. So much to do, such little time. It makes me happy that I was the only girl at my prom with a red velvet dress. Not only that but I was the only one sporting long sleeves and a corest-esque dress front that laced up and gave the illusion that given enough time and hair dye I could have looked like Melora. Dear Melora, how I love her. The sleeves were bell and burn out, and if the wearer were to hold their arm straight out, the bottoms of the sleeves went all the way to his/her waist. And shutup! Guys wear dresses too!


*Slit Wrists Association for anyone who was curious, and YES there is a story behind that, it's probably not what you think.
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