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Typical Entry Full Of Bitch And Whine

Everyone is cleaning out their friends lists and I live in mortal fear of being removed. Juliet Bravo took me off earlier this morning. Apparently I am not amazing enough... HELLO? I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT!

Anyways... this week has been utterly uneventful... except for one particularly eventful event... HA HA HA. Only Lindsay and I know about that though.

Yeah.. same boring every day drivel. Today when I opened up my friends page... I got this prompt from these people ... you know one of those sites that you take tests from and then post your results... I recognized the URL.. and it said, "Enter Your Name and Password" and then it said "FUCK OFF JOURNAL LOSER".

I'm not even like a member of that site... and apparently they don't like people in possession of live, dead or parajournals.

FDS, man. FDS. I'm going shopping at Michael's. I feel like a crotchety old harpy that needs to crack some skulls with her beautiful but useless oak and pewter cane.

Oh, and in my bed, there is only one side to wake up on, so seeing as how my mood sucks today, is the ONLY side the wrong side? I need to do some room rearranging.

There will never be enough time in a day to satisfy this harpy.

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