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Phoebe, your inner rock star is Bjork

Wow, your inner rock star is Bjork. You've charmed the world with your beautiful, zany, personal style. To say you're a member of the alternative set would be a gross understatement. You and Bjork define alternative in its purest form. You've got nothing to prove, it's your remarkably creative point of view that lets you make art from anything, art, music, politics, whatever makes you passionate. It's just who you are. You've got the courage to experiment with your style and career, and all the while remaining positively sweet and humble. You are as much a free spirit as they come. Celebrate your inner Bjork.

I love Bjork!! Ever since I found out she was 31 she's been my idol and now I've been informed that some of her is living inside me. I'm Icelandic too (seriously, my nationality is Irish and Icelandic)! GLING GLO!

And by the way, even though Rasputina is on the stupid new Buffy soundtrack, everyone, including them, knows that Christy Swanson is and always will be the only Buffy.

Nuts to Sarah Michelle Whore.
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