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Only Time Can Take You..

My brother just asked me if I would put his hair in corn-rows. The boy is white as they come. He even has bleached tips like those freakin' Aeropostale and Gap ads. He thinks he is Hispanic, or Black, or Gangsta, or something. He doesn't think he's white.

I said no for two reasons: we live in Vallejo, a predominantly black area. He would get laughed at and have the shit beat out of him so fast. And because for some reason he thinks he has black hair, but being that it's white people hair and it's short, I can't do shit with it. It's practically a buzz cut.

He is a retard. He doesn't act like a pint-sized G in front of anyone but his friends from school, and sometimes me and my mom, and we just tell him to shut up, because he sounds like an idiot. And he's not doing it in jest. He thinks it sounds cool. But he sounds dumb. He was not raised in Watts.

That may sound really racist but it's not. I've talked to several of my black friends and they all agree (well, the girls do anyway) that it gets on their last nerve when a white girl gets braids. So why should it be any different with a white boy, who's not just doing it for fashion, but is doing it to be one with "his people".

His people are like... WASPs or something. He needs a good swift kick in the head, before someone else does it for me.

My brother is a tard.

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