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Huggin' A Tree When You Get Near It

All right sucka.

I am lost in a world of craziness.

Last night at Jessica's house-sitting house, we fooled around a lot and then never ended up cutting my hair or getting bitch ass drunk. Nathan and Stefan came over and hung out for a bit, and that was some fun shit. We were wildly entertained by their stoned antics. Stefan fell asleep at around three. We dragged him into a downstairs bedroom and tucked him in. Jessica smuggled the empty Mike's bottles up into the bathroom and out of plain sight. I hid the vodka in my backpack. She went to bed at three-thirty. I stayed up talking to Nathan until four and then I got really tired. I showed him where his room was and then joined Jessica in the pink room.

Nathan said he'd probably lay there for a while and then walk home. And I guess he did, because when we got up this morning, he was gone.

But that's the Taurus thing. You do what you want, when you want.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a Taurus.

People are always trying to convince me not to do things that I would normally do instinctually. But I suppose in a way they are really saving my soul. I wanted to see Harry Potter today but that never happened. I wanted to do lots of things, but now it's just late.

I have devised a checklist that will help me lead a good life:

*Carry around a backpack with a change of clothes in there, just in case you find yourself in a bind (I swear I am destined to be a nomad)
*Know how to do everything in a sink [Check]
*Be willing to settle [Check]
*Carry a notebook and pen at all times. You never know when you'll need it
*Always have a lighter on hand [Check]
*Keep some songs in your heart [Check]
*Keep supplies in your car that enable you to use it as a makeshift home [Check]
*Learn to let go
*Accept the fact that impressions fade and that love ends
*Keep in touch with the few people that still matter [Check]
*Get a low-maintenance hairstyle
*Don't feel so bad that everyone gets to everything before you do
*Face the stark morning light
*Accept help
*Try not to fear things you can't control
*Appreciate small things, don't sweat them
*Be constructive with your blues

That's all I can think of right now. I bet the list will get longer as I go on. But the way things are, with so many decisions to face... it's a wonder a girl like me hasn't crumbled already.

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