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For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered:

On August 21st, 2001, Lindsay said: ok, so...what the hell does 5000 mean? inquiring minds want to know.

Then Mya said: I'm thinking its a reference to

"AUDI 5000 G"

Kinda like Outtie 5000 or I'm out.....

Then I said: You are correct!! (Tell her what she's won, Johnnie!!)

Yeah-- I stole that line from the movie "Groove" because I heard the guy who plays DJ Snaz go "Hey man, I'm Audi 5000" and I thought it was COOL! Much better than just "I'm Audi" a la "Clueless" 1996.

So yeah, 5000!!

What better way to say goodbye than to spout a four digit number, no?

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