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You Wear Paper Bracelets and Rags On Your Ankles, You're Nuts!

My friend Jenn once told me that she wanted to get a tattoo of a giraffe on her chest so that when her boobs started to sag, its neck would get longer. HA HA HA!

I didn't get the Santa Cruz pictures back yet, and I SO want to, because I want to know if everyone else thinks that it was a very sexy day.

I ate some Chinese food tonight... that was at 7.30. It was a bowl of Won Ton Soup, and now, at only eleven, not even three hours later, I am hungry. I eat way too much. But maybe I will make some Chinese food of my own in the form of Top Ramen. AW DAMN! Courage the Cowardly Dog is on right now. I have to go, but I will probably write more later!
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