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The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

I hung out with Debra today, and that was some funny shit. She taught me how to play the humming game. We went to Walnut Creek and her mom gave me this legit shotglass. That is a symbol that someone loves you, if they give you a shot-glass. But she gave me one, so she must love me.

Today was the first time me and Debra hung out outside of Drama, and it was one of those eye-opening experiences that teaches you that you can have fun with people you thought you might not have anything in common with. But that girl is awesome. It is a shame that I'm gonna graduate and we're not gonna have any classes together next year. But still. I'm gonna live in the now and miss seeing her later.

Stefan's coming over at ten to watch Adult Swim and we are gonna roll around on the new carpet. It will be such fun. There is something so wonderful about freshly painted, big, empty rooms with soft carpets. They remind me of something that I can't place, but whatever it is, it's fabulous.

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