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Oh Katie, You're SO Observant

Did anyone besides me ever notice that in the Mario game for Super Nintendo where Mario rode on Yoshi, that the way you got Yoshi to stick out his tongue and eat things, was that Mario would clock him in the back of the head?

That seems very inhumane to me.

Rob says I should write a book, but I'm not sure that anyone but him would buy it. Oh yeah. Me and Rob started talking again.

So, I gained a fuck all attitude in the past week. Everytime I turn back this way to my old, bitter, angry, productive self, people rescue me. They care.

*Stefan refuses to let me break up with him.
*Lindsay's been calling every day.
*I got a letter from Chris.
*Katie left me a letter on my doorstep because we haven't talked.
*Andrea left me two messages.
*Jessica sent me two Harry Potter postcards.
*Victoria gave me her phone number.

People come out of the woodwork at the strangest times. I like it.

I'm still very angry and wanna say fuck it all. And I picked up a bunch of applications. If I turn them all in, I am bound to get at least an interview somewhere. The guy from Jamba Juice never called me back. I'm gonna start making Absinthe. Jessica and I get to house-sit for two weeks in March. The people (well, two of them anyway) in LA say they want to see me.

My head hurts a lot. Amy said she wants to go on a road trip to LA in April, during Spring Break.

All I wanna do is sleep all the time. And maybe clean my rheum. But I seriously lack the motivation.

Cold hands feel good on throbbing temples.

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