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The Real Folk Blues

So we got in a fight tonight. Because I told him I don't believe he will ever care about me the way I want to be cared about, and that we should break up... but he said he didn't want to and asked why I didn't believe him when he said he liked me.. and then some harsh words were exchanged, and I hung up on him.

And then he called back and I didn't pick up. He left a message saying something like he was sorry, he didn't really think I'd told any of his secrets, and that he was gonna go because he didn't want to bother me. And then he added, "I hope you'll forgive me someday."

I listened to it, and then went into the bathroom to get ready to go pick up Mya. When I was finally done, I went down to my car with my freshly burned CD, and there was something stuck under my windshield wipers. It was a rose. At first I thought my dad put it there, because he does stuff like that sometimes, but then I realised that we only have white rosebushes and the rose was red.

I went and saw him later, and yes, he put it there.

Tomorrow is another day. I still don't know what's gonna happen.

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