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It's Raining Men

I'm supposed to be doing two pieces of writing for creative writing but I lack the inspiration, so I'm going to let livejournal sap away the rest of my creativity and not do it.

I have a headache. What else is new?

I gave Dane my old leather jacket today because it doesn't fit me the way it should, but it fits him perfectly. Dane is the one that DJ threw the German book at... it was some good shit.

And I made Bonnie laugh today.. like and out-of-nowhere good laugh. That made me exceedingly happy. I have an appointment with Mr. Hansen tomorrow and if I work my ass off with him, I can graduate early. Still no replies from those fuckers about a job.

Maybe I'm not destined to work. I also got a letter in the mail from these people to whom I submitted my poem "Alone"... they said they were going to publish it in their book. It was a shit-poke poem.

I need money!

And I talked to Lindsay today, too. She wants to come when I go to the West Hollywood Donny Osmond book-signing.

I still find him fascinating, though I have no idea why.

Stefan and I are all made up. Maybe I should take everyone's advice and stop fighting it.

Like whatever.

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