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Too Competitive.

I wish there was a way I could just turn it off. Everything I do turns into some sort of sick competition, where I have no advantages. Except grades, of course. Maybe I only compete in stuff that I give a shit about. Maybe my parents hate that so they hold me down and keep me down. If anyone has ever seen the movie Crazy In Alabama, there were two responses to being in that position: one was killing the antagonist, and one was patiently waiting. I've been patiently waiting for them to get the fuck out of my face since I was ten and pretty soon I think I'll have to do to both of them what Lucille Vinson did to Chester.

On a better note, I purchased the Moulin Rouge soundtrack last night and was not disappointed. There's even a Hindi track on there by Alka Yagnik. (Check out Taal Se Taal Mila by Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan to get a feel) I have about two hours to kill before I get to get out of this horrible household, so I suppose I should do my laundry and get some packing done. I'm going with my stupid family to a family function in Chico this weekend, how much fun and smiling will THAT hold? Christ. I don't even want to go but my cousin is graduating college and I would go if it was just me going by myself to see him graduate, but is a weekend of suffering with my family worth it for his graduation? I don't think he really cares if I come anyway. Maybe I'm doing the me thing and being selfish, but seriously, there is a place where one must draw the line.

The only bad thing about the Moulin Rouge album was the Lady Marmalade cover. Terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad.

There's also a cover of Nature Boy that David Bowie does. Not bad, well-orchestrated. But I will always prefer the Nat King Cole version. Yes, it seems like something that a stick in the mud would say. I don't care. Make me a hundred, put me in a home away from every one else and let me be a grumpy old miser who eats pudding and is finally at peace.
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