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My Fucking God.

I've tried to post this damn entry twenty million times, all to no avail, because AOL is being a dickface.

Yes, yes, evil, evil.

I need some zesty dill pickles.

I took the pattern test and I turned out to be leopard print because I am one trendy fuck.

And also.. Stefan has begun to download some Ja Rule stuff. Ha. That makes me laugh.

And then.. Alex told me that he loves me. Nothing new, right? Wrong. Tonight he said he's loved me since the day he met me. Now, it's Alex, so he's probably just messing around, kidding and what-not. But I can't be sure until tomorrow, because then I'm gonna ask him what's up.

He can't love me. Come on. I'm not worth the hair on your ass.

Oh, and I came out of my room wearing a sweater and some khaki pants, and my mom looks at me and says, "Why are you undressed?" and then goes back to watching her TV.

Dimentia is a scary thing.

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