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Five Fleas Band Together...

Happy Valentine's Day all... even though this is a day highly loathed... I get to give out Harry Potter valentines... too bad none of them have sexy Snape on them *pout*

Today was hard, and it sucked, and blah blah blah. At least I know I have not forgotten how to cry. I don't know if I said this before but the other night I accidentally slammed the car door on my leg and now I have this electric blue puff-paint looking bruise. Quite the accomplishment, I must say.

The plans for the big VD (not venereal disease, valentine's day):

Getting together a bunch of laundry and blankets, and then going and getting the best Chinese food in existence and eating dinner and doing laundry in Martinez with Stefan in one of the prettiest laundromats I've ever witnessed.

I love... laundromats.
I love... Chinese food.
I love... Stefan. There, I said it. I can stop acting like Meg now, since it's out there.

I still hate Valentine's Day though. It's crap and anxiety. And... oh my god, I'll be on the other side of the bridge tomorrow! I need to call Mya.. I have a devious plan.

I want a bagel now. And I was very naked today, it was strange. I didn't even look like me. No make-up, no heat-styled hair, just all natural.

I look fifty. An old woman at seventeen. Who'd have guessed? I bet that's why they sell me cigarettes.

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