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Nerds And Their People Skills

Being a big huge nerd, I can comfortably say I know what I am talking about. So lately I haven't been too pleased with my family and I find myself in my room watching cheesy family movies on the Disney channel.

I've noticed that there is a theme that keeps coming up in all of them: nerds are cool people to whom no one has given a chance. I'm sorry to say it, but Disney is wrong. Nerds don't have friends because they've got like zero people skills. They put what interests them ahead of other people and their needs and therefore cannot sustain healthy relationships. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. "Cool" nerds can be seen as loners, people who CHOOSE to be alone, and sometimes nerds band together to form troops of nerds.

In one of the Disney movies I watched, the star jock befriended the class nerd in order to pass a class, and by "hanging out" with him while they tutored, he found a really cool guy in this nerd that he had made fun of non-stop three weeks earlier. The nerd that he made friends with had no other friends, he spent all of his free time studying fish. So, may I ask you, how would this particular nerd have such astonishing people skills? That he could make and keep a friend so easily, seeming as though he had dealt his whole life with people. Can someone who lives an entire life on their own, with parent/guardians as their only company aside from their interests and possessions maintain healthy relationships? I don't think so. Socially isolated people tend to be miserable and to drag everyone else down into their misery with them. They tend to be paranoid, and they tend to stay alone because a) someone who they had befriended in the past had betrayed them and they haven't fully recovered, even enough to allow someone else to get close to them, or b) they are completely sheltered individuals, or c) they have been alone for such a long time as only children or whatever, that this is all they know. They will make acquaintances and it will seem as though they are ok people, but they will never be the best they could. This is just a rough theory that I've been thinking about, and I don't yet have all the kinks of it worked out. It probably sounds ridiculous, but it makes sense to me, and since it's in my lj I guess that's all that counts.

Oh yeah, and my goddamn wisdom teeth are coming in. They hurt and have caused one of my glands to swell to cherry tomato proportions. But shh! Don't tell anyone! I dread the dentist, and the longer it doesn't know about my teeth, the longer I can stay away from it and its evil tools.

breathtaking? you decide.
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